Samoan Heritage Loans

Samoa is great for the people, and the people are the most honourable you could meet in the world. But recently the islands have begun to lose the original meaning of being a Samoan, and the heritage is being slowly taken away due to the tourist nature and the improvement of technology.

Some of the greatest Samoans have really made a name for our people. They have done us proud, but in a way, we feel that they have made us stereotyped. People believe that all Samoans are fat, and some believe that we are lazy. I do not know why, as if you come to the Islands, you would see something very different to what you believe.

That is why we as a community have begun to rebuild our heritage. We have many artisans and carpenters creating art that is to inspire the younger generations and remind them of who they truly are.

We also want to teach those who visit what it is like to be a Samoan, and who the people of Samoa truly are. We are more known for professional wrestling than we are our own true culture. This is not a sad thing for us because we are famous for a sport, but sad because people do not know about the peace and love of our people.

We are still proud of where we come from, and proud of who we are. We love the islands and we love our people. We have some of the most beautiful beaches you can find in the world, and the bluest ocean. We also have a diverse history, and we love the history of our people. The more that we strive for, the more that we can do. So, we believe that we can teach the younger generation of who we really are.

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