Samoan Fisherman Loan

Recently, we funded a small fishing company to help them grow so they can begin to sell their product to countries in south America. South America has a diverse fishing industry, and they already have many established companies. The truth is, they can hire their own fishermen and deck hands for much cheaper than we are able to, which drives the cost of their product down.

But luckily, the Samoan islands have one benefit with the fishing industry that the south Americans do not have, and which would allow us to sell our produce to them. Our oceans are filled with different fish.  Since they are filled with different fish, we have a completely different supply, and they have a lot of demand.

Once we knew that they are unable to fish in our waters in order to catch the fish, we knew that the customer who we loaned the amount to would have a piece of the market that is untouchable. Since they had a regulated part of the ocean that is illegal for other countries, we have an entire body of ocean that is untouched by anyone else, giving us an entire supply just for us.

The customer was able to purchase two additional boats and the salaries of the crew for a year. This is what allowed them to begin with such an expansion in such a small amount of time. As they had planned correctly and were realistic for their targets, it allowed to a quick turnaround. The only issue for them was the bulk shipments outside of the islands, but now that you can transfer directly into accounts, this issue would not be as bad as it would have been 10 years ago even.

We are very happy they are successful, and we would love if they could grow further outside of the country.

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