Samoan Tourism

The Samoan islands has its economy mostly built around tourism. The tourism industry in Samoa had come to life once people like the Rock started to get famous, but it has always been sizeable thanks to the islands of Hawaii and so on.

With the influx in tourists, there is so many opportunities for small businesses and locals to start their own businesses too. With the tourists, there is a real chance to either sell merchandise that covers some Samoan heritage for the tourists to take home, or to supply the tourists for some of their needs.

Another business idea that we had given a business loan to be an arts and crafts store. They would sell the components necessary to create some of the Samoan heritage art. The part of the store that was very interesting was they were able to make the art in the store with the owner. That is why it was such an interesting proposal for a business loan.

Knowing that there would be a business that is based around our heritage, and that there would be a very talented arts and crafts teacher to help them make the art, it became a no brainer.

There are so many small businesses catered towards the tourists on the island, and we have given loans to many of them. We know that every business needs help despite their size, even if they are start-ups. We know that everyone needs help from time to time, and we try to cater our loans to help them as much as possible.

As a lender, we must be responsible as to who we lend to. But we also must be a responsible lender. We cannot charge too high an interest rate or expect to take too much money from our customers.

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